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Halloween Town OP OC!

Free- Micro Halloween Divider by gutterface Free- Micro Halloween Divider by gutterface

Welcome to the One Piece Roleplaying Group, Halloween Town! In this group, you can choose for your One Piece OC to be either a human, or a monster!

Your One Piece OC can also interact with Canon-turned-monster One Piece characters, and maybe cook up some sexy monster pairings~

Halloween Divider by Sukiie Halloween Divider by Sukiie Halloween Divider by Sukiie

About Halloween Town

Halloween Town is a small, mysterious village located to the darkest and foggiest corner of the world.
Residents of Halloween Town are almost all monsters and every kind of odd creatures ranging from vampirest to gorgons to devils.

Sometimes there also may come some humans to Halloween Town. People of Halloween Town don't want to get humans know their true form so they use to disguise themselves as humans.
Anyhow, If human stays in Halloween Town, they don't have a reason to hide their true form.

Setting of Halloween Town is magically, scary but also homely and intriguing.
All streets are illuminated with candle light and lanterns. Around the streets it can be seen many frequently built shops, houses and saloons.
Around the certain city there is a large country area which consists of steppes, forest, cottage settings, lakes, swamps and hills. There are also Graveyard and Pumpkin Patch around the certain city.

Halloween Divider by Sukiie Halloween Divider by Sukiie Halloween Divider by Sukiie

How to enter:

First, read the rules about this group.
You can found general rules HERE

If you are planning to have an OCxCanon pairing on this group, read also THIS

Then you are free to join and create your own OP OC Roleplay character!
Don't forget to have fun!

This art by SnajeyArt

Hellow everybody~!  
It's halloween coming soon and I decided to host this Big Halloween Party Collab event for you! :happybounce:
We got an idea of this collab at summer with xKAURAx and we both loved it! So I hope you'd enjoy it and feel free join in!

What is this event?

Ok, firstly this is collab. Everybody draw their own part to it. In the end me and XKAURAX will combine it together to a big spectacular entry and submit it in the gallery of this group.

How to join?

This is for everybody who has created a character in this roleplay group. Although, you don't have to participate,
but we still hope that most of you want to join in. The more the better!:heart:
If you want to join, you must inform about it by a comment or note (You can send a note to S0KK0 or xKAURAx)

If you want to join but you don't have own character here, don't worry! You can make one! Read these rules first. You can join this group whenever you want by designing a Halloween creature version of your One Piece OC using this template.

So, What we're gonna draw? \(^0^)/

Participants will each draw a fullbody drawing of their own Halloween-Town OP OC. (If you have more than one, you can draw them all.) The important notice is that you must not put any shadings in there! Just flat colors! xKAURAx will shade all characters detailly and meticulously in the final entry, so it will look compatible. You can draw your character in any kind of pose you want.

It would be nice if your character would enjoy or be happy in your drawing, because they are all meant to wish Happy Halloween to entire OP community~:heart:
(If happiness doesn't fit your character, you can draw him/her like you ever want to! ^^)
You can start your drawing right after you have read rules below and noticed me about your willing to join! :la:

Pay attention to these rules!

-WHEN YOUR ENTRY IS READY, DON'T SUBMIT IT YET TO DEVIANTART! Let us submit the finished collab first. After that you can submit your drawing to deviantart if you want.

-Don't add shadings to your drawing. Just flat colors.

- Do not draw mature content material. We don't want to hide collab picture with warning sign :(

- You must draw digital entry. Unfortunately traditional art could cause us much problems, so it's not allowed this time.

-Bases are allowed (remember to still respect copyrights and tell me if you used a base and where it's from so I can mention it in description of final collab image ^^)

-Use as big paper size in your drawing as possible. We don't like to scale your picture larger very much because it will cause quality loose to it. I recommend you to use A3 as paper size (297 x 420 mm)

- If you have pairing with a canon character here in Halloween Town, you can draw your paired characters together. Although this requires that your pair must be claimed and mentioned in PAIRING LIST. If you want to claim a canon character for a pair, ask me it personally.

-If you have more than one OC here, you can draw them both/all in the same entry. They can pose together (like, touch each others, ya know)

-Notice that the drawings will be partly recomposed overlapping to make depth to the image. It means that your character might be a little bit behind another. Don't still worry. We try not to hide its most beautiful parts ;)

-Deadline to finish your drawing is October 27th 2016
If we can keep this deadline, we will get final collab image finished by Halloween eve c:

When your drawing is ready

-When your entry is ready, save it with using Photoshop file format (.PSD) (If you are using Paint tool SAI instead of Photoshop, you can still choose .PSD format when you save it or you can export it to .PSD file I suppose... tell me if I'm wrong :"D

We need it to be .PSD format because we want to work with your original layers. So don't unite your lines layer and color layers, please! Otherwise it would be pain to make shadings in it :C

If you cannot save your drawing as .PSD format anyhow, you must save two different versions of it: one where are only the lines and one where's only the colors.

When you have saved your drawing in accordance with these advises, you can send it to my Gmail address: as attachment. If your file is too big to send by email, you can upload the file in google drive and send me link to it.

I also would like to know how tall your character(s) are, so I could compose it right next to other characters C:

Feel free to ask if you got problems or something you don't understand ^u^


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MotoNeko Featured By Owner May 16, 2017
Oh my god.. Onepiece AND halloween?! Two things i love! :D
AshlynTrikel Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dumb question:

How exactly do I join? There are different types of groups I joined. Some said first finish the app and send it together with the request others say send the request and submit the app later.
SnajeyArt Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can join our group whenever you like but if you want to join events etc. you'll need the app :)
adoranbolt Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015
How many OCs are you allowed to apply with?
SnajeyArt Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure if there are any official limits because we still build up this group.
But I saw that one person submitted two chracters so I would say thats the limit for the moment.
adoranbolt Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015
Okay! Thank you^^
AlphaCrest-WolfPack Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015

ART advent calendar for Halloween ;v;
xKAURAx Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Student General Artist
This group is only for One Piece OC community!
AlphaCrest-WolfPack Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
Oh mistaken it for Halloween :/
AshlynTrikel Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wanted to edit comment, didn´t let me, so new comment (sorry)

First of all:

Is it active? I really want to join.

If yes, is the Canon List Up-To-Date? (I saw Sanji wasn´t taken yet and I wanted to take him, but I wanted to make sure it is okay)

Can I create any kind of monster or are there a few to choose from?
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